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Judge Selection- Any certified National or International Budgerigar Judge can judge a BAA Show and administer a BAA Judge Trainee test as long as the judge adheres to the rules of the hiring club.

Allowed Birds- All birds exhibited in BAA must be closed banded by the exhibitor. Purchased birds cannot be exhibited in standard BAA classes. Local clubs may establish a separate class for purchased birds, but birds in these classes do not qualify the exhibitor for any wins or advancement in BAA.

Judging Scheme- The recommended judging scheme is for each division to select the top 10 birds, Best Opposite Sex, Best Young, and Best Young Opposite Sex; and then select for the show the top 10 birds, Best Opposite Sex, Best Young, and Best Young Opposite Page 10 Sex and Challenge Certificates. It is recommended that there will be divisions for Champion, Intermediate, Novice, Junior, and Rare exhibitors.

Challenge Certificates (CCs)- Challenge Certificates shall be presented to the bird judged to be best of its variety in the show.

Points- Points shall be awarded to Junior, Novice, Intermediate, Champion, and Rare exhibitors. Points shall be awarded within a division only. Best awards receive the following points: Best in Division – 25 points, Best Opposite Sex in Division – 20 points, Best Young in Division – 15 points, and Best Young Opposite Sex in division – 10 points. In addition, 1st through 10th places shall receive points based on the number of birds in the division and descending by one through the 10 places.

Local Control- Total control of a show, including the Grand National, shall belong to the local affiliate sponsoring the show. Clubs may choose the judging scheme and judging order that meets their needs and desires.

Classifier- The decision to have a classifier at a show is up to the Affiliated Club. The final decision for the classification of a bird is with the presiding judge unless specified by the Show Manager. A classifier, who may be the show manager, should be appointed for each show. The judge can question the classification, but the final decision on action to be taken is up to the show manager.

Show Reports- Show reports shall be submitted by the show secretary. Copies of the report should be forwarded to the Journal Editor, the Webmaster, and the Ranking Secretary within 30 days of the show. Show reports must be received before January 1 of the next year or the points won’t be counted in the tabulation of the awards.